Somerset Farmhouse Cider
Somerset Farmhouse Cider - Huish Episcopi

Last up-dated: 17-06-2016

Somerset Farmhouse Cider

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I can suggest Hatch Green Coaches as transport
and a good tour to take would be a couple of hours spent at Perry's Farmhouse Cider, Dowlish wake. They have a museum, shop and cafe. Locally there is a potter.

Another couple of hours would be well spent at Burrow Hill Cider. An old time Cider Farm and at the right time of year, you can see the cider being pressed. A guided tour of the Cider vats and Cider Brandy distillery is well worth it.

Last but not least end your tour with a visit to The Rose and Crown (Eli's) Huish Episcopi near Langport. This has to be the last old time Cider House in Somerset. A visit here is a must for Cider lovers.

To get the best experience at these places, PLEASE ring them and arrange your visit well in advance with numbers and times.

I took a tour on this route in 2007 and all were very pleased.