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Somerset Farmhouse Cider
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About us:

This site is dedicated to the art that is Somerset Cider.

To the cider farmers, the cider houses, the cider drinkers and the history of Somerset farmhouse cider.

I launched this web site in 2006 after visiting Cheddar, in my opinion the capital of tourism in  Somerset. I was appalled to see cider from other county's on sale in many of the gift shops.

I decided to find out just how many genuine Somerset Farmhouse Cider producers and farms there were and was surprised that there were so few left.

I am proud of my Somerset roots and would like to share the history with you.

Things have changed and gone have the times when pub's had snug's where old farmers after a hard days work on the land would meet up to yarn over a game of dominoes or table skittles whilst supping a pint of cider pressed on a local farm.

I don't consider the crown topped, screw capped fizzy stuff in supermarkets to be cider, nor warm cider sold in plastic cans as Scrumpy at the local shop, this is for the Grockle's (Holiday makers) to take home for someone they don't really like.

The true definition of Somerset Farmhouse Cider for me is: apples pressed in a traditional way, by crafts men, matured and served cool from the wooden barrel (Maybe a little Vimto). On a hot summers day with friends, there is no greater refreshment.

I hope that in some way I have helped you find some good Somerset Cider and enjoy the real taste of Somerset history.

Pictures by Bill Bradshaw Photography

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